When did Escape from Mt. Drash take place?

When did the game "Escape from Mt. Drash" (EfMD) take place. It is true, that it is not a real Ultima game, but never the less a game, which takes place in Mt. Drash. A mountain in the world of Sosaria.

What was Escape from Mt. Drash about:

In "Escape from Mt. Drash" the Stranger is for some reason unknown prisoner of the the evil, wretched, Garrintrots whose stronghold was high atop the treacherous Mount Drash. The mountain was honeycombed with old mining tunnels that long since had been abandoned by humanoid life. The Garrintrots had stocked the caverns with all manners of creatures, and now used the caverns as gaming arenas where the Stranger was the main attraction. He had to Escape if he wanted to live.

The question is: When did this take place in the Ultima timeline?


Some have suggested that EfMD took place after Akalabeth and thus before u1 begins and that is possible, but then what did the Stranger do in Sosaria long before Lord British called out for a champion? This solution would simply raise too many unanswered questions to be really good I think.

Ultima I

Some have suggested that EfMD took place after u1, which is possible too, but how likely is it that the Garrintrots have had time to build a huge stronghold in Mount Drash, during the time the Stranger was away battling Mondain? The Stranger was namely able to visit Mount Drash in u1 and there was no trace of the Garrintrot activity at all.When the Stranger went to battle Mondain he furthermore used a timemachine, so would he not return to the time zone he left only seconds after he used the timemachine? If so the Garrintrots would have to built a huge stronghold in mere seconds, which sounds rather impossible.

Ultima II

I have until now held, that EfMD took place after u2 somehow. This because it had to take place before u3 where the Stranger was not alone. The Stranger is caught alone by the Garrintrots.The problem with placing EfMD after u2 is, that u2 does not take place in Sosaria at all, but rather in various timeperiods of earth. Therefore if the Stranger was caught alone by the Garrintrots right after u2 and trapped in Mount Drash he would have to go to Sosaria after he killed Minax.Why should he do that? There is no real answer to that, but still it could happen without bringing forth too many unanswered questions.

If EfMD took place after u2 the Garrintrots would have had the time to rebuild Mount Drash into their huge stronghold and perhaps due to the unstability of moongates and timetravel in general the Stranger ended up in Sosaria when he left the Age of Myths, where he slew Minax.

Yet, in the end there is no really good place to fit EfMD into the Ultima timeline.But I still think we should give it a try and placing it after u2 and before u3 is my best suggestion.

What do you think?